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  Grain Prices

Understanding your balance sheet pdf


Understanding your income statement pdf


Information needed for your cash flow pdf


Understanding your cash flow statement pdf


Understanding and using the breakeven worksheets and marketing plan video

Blank COP PDF Blank Marketing Plan PDF Blank Fillable Market Plan PDF

Introduction to Basic Commodity Marketing 6/9/2021 Video

Summer Meeting 2021 Marketing

Summer Meeting 2021 Estate Planning/Transition

November 2021 Breakfast Meeting

December 2021 Breakfast Meeting Handout

January 2022 Breakfast Meeting Handout

June 28th, 2022 Beginning Farmer Meeting

July 25th, 2022 Beginning Farmer Meeting #2

July 26th, 2022 Summer Reorganizational Meeting

November 3rd, 2022 Beginning Farmer Meeting #3-Tax Info.

November 17th, 2022 Breakfast Meeting Handout

January 19th, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Handout

March 10th, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Handout

July 26th, 2023 Summer Reorganizational Meeting Frayne Present Ron Present

November 14th, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Handout

December 23rd, 2023 Breakfast Meeting Daniel Present Ron Present

January 23rd, 2024 Breakfast Meeting

February 20th, 2024 Breakfast Meeting Handout

  2012 Moorhead Area Average Comparisons
  2012 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2013 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2014 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn


State Survey of County Land Rental Rates 2012

2015 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2016 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2017 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2018 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2019 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2020 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2021 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2022 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2023 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn

2024 Base Line Prices for Wheat, Soybeans & Corn


  Market to Market - Iowa Public TV Weekly Journal of Rural America
  Iowa State University Ag Decision Maker

University of Minnesota Grain Marketing Plan-Ed Usset


 Dr. Kohl Newsletters

#56-The Economic Winds of Change

#57-Compelling Reasons in Stay in Agriculture

#58- Strategic Positioning for 2014 and Beyond

#59-Key Management Proficiency Indicators

#60-The Hot Seat

#61-Economic Outlook-2015 and Beyond

#62- Taking an Economic Punch

#63 Working Capital

#64 The Sixth C

#65 Top Questions and Advice from the Road

#66 Are You Ready for the Reset

#67 Lessons Learned from the 1980's

#68 Ground Hog Day Game Plan

#69 Screening Guide for Negative Margins

#70 Planning and Problems Your Business Should Have

#71 Agricultural Profitability at the Crossroads

#72 Widening Gap of Profitability

#73 “To Do” List for 2017

#74 Rules of the Road in Transition Management

#75 Good Reasons to Start Growing the Business Now

#76 Top Management- Views from the Road

#77 Now and After Now 2018-2030

#78 Critical Data Points and Questions

#79 Open Forum with the Doc

#80 Successful Habits of Young Producers

#81 It Is What It Is!

#82 Renewal Season on the Brink

#83 Business IQ

#84 Megatrends 2020 to 2030

#85 Dialogue with the Doctor

#86 Getting a Grip on Agriculture Economics

#87 Views from the Road

#88 Advice Given, but Least Acted Upon

#89 The Secret Sauce

#90 Wisdom and Perspectives for 2020

#91 Special Report COVID-19; The Disruptor

#92 Views and Perspectives from Cyberville

#93 Business IQ Applications and Economics

#94-Business Problems You Want to Have

#95-I Want to Own A Farm Business

#96 Dialogue with Dr. Dave

#97 Economic Megatrends: 2022 and beyond

#98 Increasing the Odds of Business Success

#99 Making Small and Midsize Farms Work

#100 Tough Talk about Transition Sweet 16 Transition

#101 Lessons Learned in Business

#102 The Economic Radar Screen 2022-23

#103 What's Driving Your Earnings Engine

#104 Intellectual Collateral - Young & Beginning Producer Focus

#105 Borrower-Lender Playbook: Side-by-Side

#106 Quick Hitters and Perspective

#107 Economic Storm Clouds on the Horizon

#108 The Five Percenter

#109 Short- and Long-Term Megatrends for Planning

#110 Business Transition: The Marathon

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